Barlow Lake Association Members

Show your personal statement that you care about Barlow Lake and pay your membership dues!

Paying your annual dues provides you with your Barlow Lake Association Membership, your personal statement that you care about protecting Barlow and the Barlow community way of life. Your tax deductible dues support Water Quality Monitoring, Fish Planting, Safety, Annual Fireworks Display, Annual Boat Parade Prizes, and the Annual Fishing Contest.

"Members only" benefits include: The Barlow Lake Directory - an alphabetical and numerical listing of every lake property and current owner on Barlow, Newsletter, Association Meeting Reminders and Updates.

Annual Boat Parade:

2020 boat parade Saturday July 4th - 2:00 PM - Meet in Turtle Cove

2020 Theme: Disney and/or Super Hero's and/or Patriotic.

Join in on one of our most exciting events of the year, the annual Barlow Lake Boat Parade! Each year we present a new theme and ask all members to participate by decorating their boats. We want to provide a special thank you to our past Barlow Lake Parade Director, Mary Lou Johnson and welcome our new Director Paula Bruinsslot! Please contact Paula before the 4th if you plan to participate in the parade.

Annual Fireworks Display

2020 Fireworks - Saturday, July 4th @10:15 PM.

Rain date is to be determined.

Each year, we are excited to provide a beautiful fireworks display for not only our members and residents of Barlow Lake, but also for our adjoining neighbors in and around Yankee Springs. Please remember that our show is 100% funded by membership dues. To continue with this annual display, we encourage you to please pay your annual dues and or assist in making a special contribution to be designated directly to the purchase of our fireworks. We also encourage our Yankee Springs members to also assist in donations to help us make the best display as possible! We want to provide a special thanks to our resident Fireworks Director, Earl Krol!


We encourage you to use the links below to access the dues form and useful information:


Constitution and By-Laws

MI's Handbook of Boating Safety

Barlow Lake Water Quality Report

2014 Barlow Lake Water Quality Report

2015 Barlow Lake Water Quality Report

2016 Barlow Lake Water Quality Report

2017 Barlow Lake Water Quality Report

2018 Barlow Lake Water Quality Report

2019 Barlow Lake Water Quality Report

1988 & 1989 Dissolved Oxygen Data

we need you!

As you know, our Association is 100% run by volunteers. We can always use additional volunteers. If you are interested in assisting, please contact Luke Miller, Barlow Lake Association President.



If you would like to support the Barlow Lake Association by making a special contribution to go towards any of our management programs, or for our special annual events like our fireworks or boat parade, we encourage you to make an online donation below. Please remember that any donation you provide is tax deductible and we greatly thank you for thinking of Barlow and assisting in our missions and values!