Barlow Lake Boaters Safety

Think water safety while you are having fun this summer on Barlow!

When you are out cruising on the lake, enjoying water sports, or just going for a paddle boat ride, we still ask you to be courteous and cautious around other boater's, swimmers, and others on the water. It only takes one reckless boater or careless skier to turn a nice outing into a disaster! Please remember to be careful going through the narrows. Go around if you are the boat in the main part of the lake rather than trying to have two fast boats go through at the same time. Keep a safe distance from others, follow Michigan's boating regulations, don't drink alcohol while boating, and always wear your life jacket! Help abide by these rules so everyone can have a fun and safe summer!

Take Boater's Education Online!

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has now launched an online Michigan Boater's Safety Education course and exam. If you are 12 or older, this online safe boating course can be taken in place of the classroom course as preparation for your final exam, which is required to obtain your Michigan boating safety certificate.

This online course is free and you can study at your own pace! We encourage all Barlow Lake residents and visitors to take this online course to assist in keeping Barlow a safe summer haven!

Boater's Education Online